Precision fixturing to ensure product flatness and support throughout the heat treat cycle. Alloys appropriate for extreme temperatures followed by oil, polymer and water quench cycles.

Cast alloy piers for batch type, heat-to-forge, tip-up, and car bottom furnaces. KINTNER services the seamless rolled ring industry with precision pier arrangements. Pier designs and materials are tailored to specific customer needs to effectively handle load and furnace temperature. Cast piers offer superior performance versus refractory supports due to lighter weight, thermal conductivity and superior strength. KINTNER will evaluate your application to see if cast alloy piers are suitable to your application.
Kintner offers both cast and fabricated base grids for vacuum furnaces. In addition, Kintner supplies rod frame baskets in standard and custom sizes, along with custom cast fixturing for specific applications.
Rod frame baskets with mesh liners are available in any size for securing smaller parts through heat treatment. Single and stackable configurations.