Aluminum Extrusion Companies

Kintner is the world leader in the supply of cast alloy high-temperature conveyor systems for gas fired log/billet heaters. Our upgraded design retrofits are in use all over the world.

Kintner rollers are precision cast to ensure soundness and consistency for ultimate performance. Configurations are available to suit all diameters.
KINTNER offers both solid and locking shaft rollers for any style/size system. 
KINTNER inventories a multitude of components for all types of European systems. 
Low profile cast conveyors systems with machined wheel bores and custom alloy cast shafts.

Cast, machined, assembled and balanced rolls assemblies of the highest available quality worldwide.

Low temperature rollers for entry or exit positions, commonly used with roller bearings.

KINTNER designed systems address severe applications while lowering maintenance costs. 
KINTNER designs and supplies systems for both aluminum and copper processing. 
Replacement cast carrier castings for chain driven furnaces, bolt-on designs.

Machined to exacting standards. 
Many common sizes in stock. 
KINTNER high-sided rollers integrate into existing and new systems for improved log and billet control. 
KINTNER can provide both standard and custom furnace exit components.