Forging Companies

Work Support castings to handle forged items through preheat, annealing & heat treatment

Cast alloy piers for batch type, heat-to-forge, tip-up, and car bottom furnaces. Pier design and material tailored to specific customer needs to suit load and furnace temperature. Cast piers offer superior performance versus refractory supports due to lighter weight and superior strength. KINTNER will evaluate your application to see if cast alloy piers are suitable to your furnace operation.
Cast and fabricated trays for all furnace types: heat treat, heat-to-forge, car bottom, tip up, etc. Both standard and custom designs available and produced using the latest foundry practices. Cast trays provide a stable work surface and are smartly engineered to endure years of severe service. 
Cast alloy curb castings providing support to refractory hearths. Available in iron alloys and nickel chrome materials. 
KINTNER supplies cast alloy furnace doors and dampers for all applications including the most severe high temperature enviroments. Precise manufacturing practices ensure proper fit-up and extended service life. Designed to be used as-cast or with refractory linings.