Heat Treat

Cast and fabricated trays for all furnace types: batch, pusher, vacuum, car bottom, etc. Both standard and custom designs available and produced using the latest foundry practices. Trays designed incorporating holes for fixturing when applicable. Common sizes in stock for immediate requirements.
Cast and fabricated fans suitable for all furnace types. All fans fully machined using the highest quality materials and dynamically balanced prior to shipment. Common sizes in stock for immediate requirements. 
Cast and fabricated radiant tube assemblies for atmosphere furnaces. All geometries offered including: U type, W type, P tubes, and straight tube assemblies. Standard and custom sizes offered using the highest quality materials and construction. Tube supports and hangers offered in a variety of sizes and materials. Some common sizes in stock for immediate requirements.
Custom furnace roll assemblies supplied to customer specifications. Many common geometries available without often costly set up charges. Rolls supplied machined to print and assembled using the highest quality welding practices. 

Cast components for a wide variety of batch IQ furnaces.  KINTNER has the expertise to supply replacement parts for all major furnace manufacturers.  Critical components such as roller rails, chain guides, rollers, and hearth hardware in stock for emergency rebuilds.


Cast piers and custom work supports for applications requiring strength and stability. Standard KINTNER designs and custom geometries available, improving furnace efficiency and performance.
Cast and fabricated (or hybrid) furnace baskets for all furnace types, including: batch intgral quench, pit, vacuum, car bottom, and pusher type. Standard rod frame designs offered, along with unique geometries for customer-specific applications. 
Element assemblies for electrically heated furnaces. Standard tubular designs offered for the most common batch IQ equipment. Refurbishing services available for cost savings when suitable. 
Custom fixturing for all furnace types. Whether cast or fabricated, all fixturing is designed to improve furnace performance and efficiency.
Retort tubes and assemblies supplied in all configurations. Centrifugally cast to ensure the optimal material soundness and stability. Machined and fabricated to customer specifications. Supplied in standard alloys as well as proprietary materials for extended service. KINTNER also offers nickel catalyst and alumdum balls in standard quantities. 
Kintner offers both cast and fabricated base grids for vacuum furnaces. In addition, Kintner supplies rod frame baskets in standard and custom sizes, along with custom cast fixturing for specific applications.