Aluminum Producers

High temperature aluminum containers, door castings and related items

Kintner has a multitude of existing patterns to produce molten aluminum containers in a wide range of configurations. Dross/Drain combinations available for drain or press applications. 
KINTNER is experienced in a multitude of cast house consumables. Custom alloys can be substituted to improve performance and lower cost. 
Kintner is the U.S. leader in custom cast door frame plates. Kintner plates assist in retaining refractory integrity across the sill, jambs and lintel. Custom alloys are applied to suit the varying temperatures. Kintner plates can expand shut-down intervals, while providing cost savings by reducing or eliminating flame escape. All Kintner plates are recyclable. 
Cast iron and steel compositions. Cast and machined to customer specifications. 
Assorted high-temperature consumables for smelting operations. 
KINTNER is a trusted source for high and low alloy steel grates for soaking pits. 
Cast alloy stir and skim tools can extend service life exponentially. Customized castings are designed to emphasize thicknesses where needed most.
Standard and custom cast and machined tap plugs for all applications.