From our beginnings in 1945 servicing the booming steel industry centered in Pittsburgh, KINTNER remains focused on supplying the highest quality products to a wide variety of metal producers. Three generations later, KINTNER has evolved to meet the demands of a more diverse and demanding market.  With a focus on high-temperature products, KINTNER has become a leading supplier to a global market by meeting the needs of today's manufacturers.  Investments in new technologies, including innovative manufacturing methods, Computer Aided Design, and 3-D modeling, are the foundation of KINTNER being a key partner to the metal industry for decades to come.


By the turn of the 20th century, Pittsburgh had emerged as the center of the world’s steel production.

Following a 20-year career at Armco Steel and Union Steel Castings, John Benham Kintner forms J.B. Kintner Company

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, J.B. Kintner Company becomes a key supplier to the world’s top steel equipment engineering firms. 

J.B.’s sons, John M. Kintner and Samuel M. Kintner II join the company in the late 1950’s and expand the sales division.

As advancements are made in thermal processing, J.B. Kintner evolves into a specialist in heat resistant castings and fabrications. 

Samuel M. Kintner III and J. Edward (Ted) Kintner join KINTNER, Inc. 

In the late 1990's KINTNER establishes an international sales division to service an expanding global marketplace.