Steel & Specialty Mills

Furnace roll assemblies supplied to customer specifications.  Many common geometries available without costly set up charges.  Rolls supplied machined to print and assembled using the highest quality welding practices. 
Cast and fabricated radiant tube assemblies for atmosphere furnaces. All geometries offered including; U type, W type, P tubes, and straight tube assemblies. Standard and custom sizes offered using the highest quality materials and construction. Tube supports and hangers offered in a variety of sizes and materials. Some common sizes in stock for immediate requirements.
Cast alloy piers for batch type, heat-to-forge, tip-up, and car bottom furnaces. Pier design and material tailored to specific customer needs to suit load and furnace temperature. Cast piers offer superior performance versus refractory supports due to lighter weight and superior strength. KINTNER will evaluate your application to see if cast alloy piers are suitable to your furnace operation.
Super alloy furnace riders for walking beam and pusher type slab reheat furnaces. Our superior production and casting methods produce the highest quality riders available to the market. Exacting chemistry is guaranteed, and the latest manufacturing processes are utilized to ensure minimal defects at or in proximity to the rider working surface.
KINTNER has been a major supplier of charge and discharge rolls to the bar, round bar, and tubing industries. The highest quality construction and exacting tolerances are met to ensure our roll assemblies perform to the highest expectations. Cast alloy roll heads are combined with dry or water cooled shafting to hold up to some of the most severe operating furnace conditions
Cast and fabricated trays for all furnace types; heat treat, heat-to-forge, car bottom, tip up, etc. Both standard and custom designs available and produced using the latest foundry practices. Cast trays provide a stable work surface and are smartly engineered to endure years of severe service.
Kintner supplies a wide variety of refractory and hearth support castings in alloys specifically suited to the application. Cast parts retain their shape and extend the life of the surrounding refractory. Offerings include; curb castings, hearth boxes, and refractory retainer castings to name a few.
Scallop-style cast walking beams for processing rounds and tubular products. Alloy selection and casting integrity ensured in the manufacture of these critical, load bearing components. Also offered are support posts and other associated parts.
KINTNER is a leading supplier of cast iron and alloyed iron wear components for tube, pipe, wire, and rod mills. Offerings include cast iron guides, Medart guides, and stripper guides.
KINTNER supplies cast alloy furnace doors and dampers for all applications including the most severe high-temperature enviroments. Precise manufacturing practices ensure proper fit-up and extended service life. Designed to be used as-cast or with refractory linings.